Are you tired of the time and effort involved in arranging trainings for caregivers? Have busy schedules and the high cost of gas impacted your child caretraining efforts?  Becoming part of the CCSN (Child Care Support Network) Autoship Membership may just be the answer you are looking for.


What is CCSN Autoship? CCSN Autoship is a subscription based program in which participating child care agencies receive one training package a month for the length of their subscription. Each training package contains…

  • 3 page Training Article
  • 12 Question Test
  • Answer Key (1 answer key per participating agency)
  • Certificate


How does the Autoship program work? Good question. The participating agency gives the Training Article and test to their caregivers. The caregivers read the article and take the 12 question test and return the test to the support agency (note: this can be done independently or together as a group – such as during a staff meeting). The participating agency corrects the test and distributes the certificates (keeping a copy for their records). It’s that simple.


How much does it cost? Because we believe in the important work childcare providers do, we want to make it as affordable as possible to for you to get the professional development hours you need. An Autoship membership is ONLY $39 annually ($21 for each additional autoship training/test/certificate package – that’s ONLY $1.75 per training hour). AND the best part, because your training packets are shipped to you AUTOMATICALLY, you don’t have to add ordering training onto your already busy schedule.


If you have any questions, check out the FAQ link on the CCSN General Info Page. If you have further questions, please call us at 800-350-4422 and we will be glad to assist you.


Get started TODAY!!



CCSN Autoship Agency Membership

(Includes one agency CE Test copy, one certificate of completion,

and one caregiver CE Test copy per month for 12 months for $39.

per year
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CCSN - Autoship Additional Copies for Caregivers

(One Agency Membership must be purchased before purchasing additional CE Test copies. We suggest one CE Test copy per caregiver.)

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per year

CCSN 2-Hr Autoship Agency Membership

Receive a new 2-Hr training every other month for one year. 6 trainings are provided for $84.

per year
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CCSN - 2-Hr Autoship Additional Copies for Caregivers

One Agency Membership must be purchased before purchasing additional test copies.

One test copy per caregiver.

per year
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